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We believe in innovating new experiences, but also in the importance of the recreating  magic from the past. With the world as our stage, we are always trying to push the limits in the name of art and to make our audience dream again.




23 June 2020

GLACIER 3000 AIRSHOW, Les Diablerets, Switzerland 

1 December - 29 February 2020

Glorious Gatsby Cruise, MS Serenade and MS Symphony, Stockholm to Helsinki

23 November - 31 January 2019

The Great Gatsby Cruise, MS Serenade, Tallink Silja Line, Stockholm to Helsinki


World Records at 3000 meter above Sea level

In order to honour the artists all around the world who were not able to perform during the health crisis Sheila Nicolodi, Ramon Kathriner, Freddy Nock and David Maillard achieved several unbelievable world records. The show was accompanied by famous DJ Michel Cleis and presented by the jazzman-actor Troy Anderson who is playing the role of Louis Armstrong in the brand new movie Ā«CaponeĀ» by Josh Trank, released in the USA in May 2020.
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