Creating Artistic Events

Show-On Events is producing shows, creating concepts and bringing people together to experience artistic events and live art. We highly believe in new creations, but also the importance of the recreating magic from the past. Based in Switzerland with the world as our stage, always trying to push the limits in the name of art.


Date: 23.06.2020 Switzerland 

In order to honour the artists all around the world who were not able to perform during the health crisis!

United artists to pay tribute to their profession

Today was not the day of one man but of artists all over the world. The Show-On Events company, who have set up this event, fulfill their mission by offering breathtaking acts in honor of artists all around the world who were unable to perform during the COVID-19 pandemic. The directors, Gengis Van Gool and Viktoria Stahl, are delighted with the success of this project: "Our artists have performed outstanding acts. They had never practiced in such difficult condition: outdoors, with so much emptiness, exposure, and altitude making breathing more difficult. Even though we had no doubts about their success, they impressed us all".


Baltic Sea, 2020