In order to honour artists all around the world who were not able to perform during the health crisis

Today was not the day of one man but of artists all over the world. The Show-On Events company, who have set up this event, fulfill their mission by offering breathtaking acts in honor of artists all around the world who were unable to perform during the COVID-19 pandemic. The directors, Gengis Van Gool and Viktoria Ståhl, are delighted with the success of this project: "Our artists have performed outstanding acts. They had never practiced in such difficult condition: outdoors, with so much emptiness, exposure, and altitude making breathing more difficult. Even though we had no doubts about their success, they impressed us all"

1920s meets 2020s

The winter festive season of Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony was crowned by the world-class The Glorious Gatsby show!

Welcome to the 100th anniversary of the roaring twenties!

Mr Gatsby has invited his friends from all over the world to cruise in glitz and glamour while 1920s meets the 2020s. Breathtaking acts, high performance dancers and stylish musicians. Throw your troubles over board and get ready for an artistic madness on The Gatsby Cruise!

It was diverse, full of different artists and talents - and most of all, the audience liked it tremendously. That's why The Great Gatsby show a year ago returns to Silja Serenade and as a novelty to Silja Symphony as an updated The Glorious Gatsby show.

The Great Gatsby Cruise. 2019

23 November - 31 January 2019
The Great Gatsby Cruise, MS Serenade, Tallink Silja Line, Stockholm to Helsinki